Celebrate your proud moments

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The concept

At Proudstone, we offer more than just jewelry. At Proudstone, we create and sell "Wearable Proudness". All our jewelery is sold, bought and given as a gift with an associated story ... And the story is completely your own!

Our jewelry represents a memory, a moment, a special effort you have made, a difficult time you have overcome, an achievement of any kind, etc., which is special in your life and which makes you proud. This is symbolized by a colored stone, which appears in all our designs - "The Proudstone". It is a visible, stylish, elegant and luxurious symbol that you can carry with you forever.

You choose your proud moments and we help you remember and celebrate them. Our jewelry is a recognition of the moments in life that stand out compared to other moments in life. We enable you to celebrate these memories for the rest of your life. It's time to make our "pride" visible - And who knows, maybe you will notice that others wear jewelry from Proudstone - and what are they proud of…?

Our Jewelry

At Proudstone, we only use genuine metals and materials of the highest quality in the production of our jewelry. All materials and metals are carefully selected to ensure the right expression as well as high quality and value in our jewelry. In addition, we use recycled precious metals in our production. Since we only use precious metals, all jewelry is 100% nickel free.

Sterling Silver
Our silver products are produced in 925 sterling silver, which is the highest international quality designation for silver products. 925 sterling silver is often referred to as pure silver but is in fact an alloy containing 92,5% pure silver. The alloy makes the silver harder and more resistant to abrasion that 100% pure silver. This maximizes the durability of the jewelry.

Gold-Plated Silver
Our gold-plated products are all made of 925 sterling silver, which is plated with 18kt gold, which is an alloy with 75% pure gold. The gilding is done with 18kt gold, which is recognized for being the alloy that has the best composition of purity and durability. In its pure form gold is a very soft material and not useable for jewelry, which must be resistant to wear, scratches, damage, etc. Our gilding is thicker on tings and some types of bangles, as these types of jewelry are more exposed to wear and scratching when used than the remaining jewelry categories.